Saturday, July 11, 2009

Like 7AG?

2009 TEC-ART'S 7AG project?

7AG, not too many people do it. Most people don't understand it. The rest just believe the lies that internet racer know it alls throw out.

Way back when in 2002 I built a 7AG, definitely the best bang for the buck A series engines. Combining the extra torque from the stroke, plus the breathing abilities from the performance G heads, it was definitely a sleeper motor. To the untrained eye, they were a bit difficult to detect unless you're an A series engine geek and know exactly what to looking for. Since it you're doing is changing the block you can retain all your smog equipment, pass smog and show your local law enforcement that it's a stock engine.

I came across TEC ARTS site just window shopped like I normally do, and came across this car for sale. Well looks like they've built themselves a 7AG. Look at them numbers

Maximum Horsepower: 223.4Ps (7960rpm)

Maximum torque: 23.4k (6140rpm)

Though some 4A heads may be ho hum about the hp #'s. But if you take a look at the torque numbers and where it's produced. I'm sure that formula atlantics and similar variations of engine will probably have their max torque figures probably at higher rpms which makes them more useless on the street, but maybe someone can confirm/deny that for me.
At ~6000 rpm it's at max torque, at that rpm you wouldn't even need a close ratio gear set.

Maybe it's about time I yanked this guy out of retirement.

To see more specs on the vehicle or maybe you wanna buy this vehicle click here.

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