Monday, July 27, 2009


Why? Cause I didn't get to go All Star Bash this weekend. Stupid piece of crap wasn't running right still. This time I wasn't gonna try and figure it out what was wrong with it, and feel horrible like I did and AE86 comp and Megan Invitational. Usually, I don't normally attend these events, but what had drawn me to this event was this time they were using Streets of Willow, for me this was nostalgic.

It's been maybe 5+ since people drifted on that track? Before drift days, formula d etc. there was Speedtrial USA. True car guys who had an open mind about drifting. When they held open track sessions, they would have us in our own group where we could drift. Most of us were really green then, since there wasn't many who knew or even understood drifting. Streets was the track where I learned and understood the fundamentals of drifting. Nowadays people got it easy where there are classes they can take, I learned by doing since there wasn't any classes or instructors.

I know not much smoke but what do you expect with a 100 hp

All this in my little 100 hp Corolla, I bet most who think they are really good at drifting probably can't do it in a little corolla that could.

Does anyone remember the first track that was drifted in mainland usa?
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