Saturday, July 25, 2009

We the People

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What does that mean to you. At least for me it was time to do jury duty. This time it was in compton, you know bloods and crips, nwa and eazy e. So i'm sure i'll see more drama than law and order. Some people really hate it for whatever reason, but I didn't mind much. It's the least you can do for the country that you live in, so quit being selfish. Last time I was called up they didn't even get to serve. And so far I got a streak going on, since I was sent home yet again.

But here's something interesting. Looking for lunch around the courthouse, I spotted this fried chicken joint. So i'm like there should some good southern cooking here. Wrong, look below and it says chinese, and yes it was chinese food much to my chagrin. What's that all about. It's koreans running it with mexicans cooking the food, but if you're going to run a restaruant at least change the damn sign. Anyways at least there was a Popeye's fried chicken down the street. I just had to walk another block, bastards.

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