Saturday, May 2, 2009

AE86 Tip #86-9: Useful rag

Need to remove the door panel? These three items pictured above can be used to remove the window crank. Where's the 3rd tool? Well it's the red thing under the tools. Here's a fool proof way at getting a window crank clip. Why spend money on the uber cool Snap On pick set or needle nose pliers when all you need is a rag.

Wrap the rag around the window handle like so, and pull on each end like you were polishing a shoe. You'll get the clip hung up on the rag and it'll pull away from the handle. I guarantee you it's much faster than using a needle nose pliers or a pick. Best of all it'll works on most vehicles out there and not just Corollas.

Now you can wipe the sweat from all the hard work and head out to Alberto's from all the money you saved from not buying them picks.

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