Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend Extravaganza

This weekend was really busy, being the good son that I am you'd think I'll doing the mother's day thing this weekend. Oh hell no, this weekend was spent at the Queen Mary at Long Beach for Toyota Fest 2009. Yes some of the nicest Toyotas you'll ever see were on display here. This year I didn't participate, I was was just a spectator. I was hired to bring a couple cars to the show for the shop I worked at. Here's a bunch of photos I took that day.

In the morning, while dropping off a car, I spotted this super beautiful Crown Masterline, japan only vehicle, brought to you from the guys at Mooneyes. Very cool to see up close.

A bunch of Scion's enough said.

Is this Tera Patrick's car, I heard she's really into Hello Kitty.

Lots of VIP cars on display.

If you remember Back to the Future this should bring back childhood memories. Hello McFly.
Even Hoshino makes a special appearance.

It's days like this I miss showing my show car off.

But I had to prepare for the next day's action.

Sunday was spent in the Balcony at Willow Springs. A me and a few ringers decided it was time to get some practice before next month's competition.




Even J-Mac made a special appearance. He hurt Steve C's car.

And we indeed practiced quite a bit. Hope the rest will be up to the task.

My day was done early due to broke turbo flange bolts, but I got in enough seat time. Don't worry I'm bringing the A game next month so watch out.

But the best part of the day was some cool cat trying to drift on the balcony handed me the keys go his Porsche GT3 RS to take for a spin. I'm definitely one not to say no. Giggling like a little school girl as I fired up this beast from the fatherland. After a breathtaking lap, i definitely need a smoke and someone to pinch me to make sure this wasn't a dream. The chance to drive a 6 figure Porsche doesn't come around very often.

What's funny is after watching us drift around the balcony, he wanted to buy a corolla. He even had the nerve to ask to buy the Yam. But I'd feel guilty if I sold my car to him. But if we traded I would feel as bad.

Well that's about it, I am still tired from yesterday and need some rest. For pics of the show click here. For pics of the track day will be here.

If you wanna drift with Speedventures please visit their site, maybe i'll see you there.

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