Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the review

as this year comes to a close, i look back and i have to say i have been truly blessed. things i thought i was never able to to do, i did. i think i should start a list of 101 one things that a car junky must do list.

I dropped by and visited Japan. definitely an uplifting experience for the japan motorsports aficionado. and yes i do like greddy

Competed in Pro-Am. with not so good results. but at least i tried my best.

went to a ton of driving events. no i didn't drive in all of them.

Had the opportunity to see the filming of Top Gear USA pilot show. It's actually pretty good contrary to popular internet belief. too bad they're going to cable.

Viewed the Monterey Historics. if you wanna see some old stuff this is it. next time it'll be goodwood.

including a vara event earlier this year.

Attended the Jim Hall Karting school. i should give up cars and race karts. it seems alot less maintenance.

decided to make the race car into a show car and entered my car at TORC. didn't win anything, but it was the easiest event i entered. maybe i should start doing these from now on.

Visited the toyota and datsun museum.

enjoyed a few import shows of with the old school flavor of course.


spring fling



west coast z nationals

picked up a new race car

early 90's volvo 740 turbo wagon. and no i don't smoke meth. maybe my neighbor

as this year comes to a close let's wave one last good bye to 2008 and say hi to 2009.

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