Thursday, January 1, 2009

Project 740 #3 Junkyard hopping

Well it's been a while since i've actually been to the yard, mostly because I'm too lazy to grab parts. I'd rather have someone else do it for me. Anyways just looking for stuff for Hell Boy's Wagon, when I came across these two beasts of burden.

Jaguars both equipped with Chevy v8 engines. I normally don't come across these at the yard, but I thought it quite the coincidence that there was two of them. I assume they came from the same place. Both in different states of disrepair, one looking worse than the other. Unfortunately, as many Volvos I did find at the yard they didn't have anything I wanted.

Though I also found this little gem

50's era Desoto at the front of the yard. I don't know if it was for sale or not, but it really looked to be in pretty good shape. Something I wouldn't mind picking up and making into a nice little cruiser.
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aristo said...

yeah, jaguars seem to be a common fixture at the yard. The two "lumps" you found are probably incomplete project cars

A buddy of mine used to have a pre-smog XJ6 he dropped a small block into and upgraded it with only junkyard parts ("J-Spec") and at it's peak, he had a blow-through Holley carb, 400ci heads and twin turbos (one from a volvo, one from a saab). The trans valve body was weldd so he had to "shift" it manually. The chassis torqued so hard it popped out the rear window.