Thursday, December 18, 2008

4AG Tip # 86-4: Large Capacity Oil Pan?

Being the pack rat of 4AG parts, always isn't a bad thing. I get to play around with stuff and see what really works and what doesn't work. I came across an ad in one of my japanese corolla books for shop Ukiya Shokai. The ad pictured a 7A oil pan adapter plate for use on 4A blocks. Since I've built a few 7AGs already, I already knew of the larger pan and also knew it wouldn't fit. Even with some filipino creativity it'd be some work to get it done aka CNC machine pare. But I don't roll that way, let's keep things simple.

I ask good friend Taka Aono if he can help translate what this part does. Basically it does 2 things, 1 it serves as a main cap reinforcement for those high rpm blasts. 2 it adapts the the 7A oil pan, which holds more oil. This means more Shell Rotella T goodness.

Anyways rummaging through the garage I came across a 20v windage tray. Since I never owned a 20v, never liked them, after installing a few them, they just weren't impressive enough. I noticed that it looked similar to a 7A oil pan.

i overlayed the windage tray over the pan and surprisingly it actually lined up.

the only problem was this bar that held the 7a baffle plate. this must be removed or milled down. i decided to mill it down since i'm still planning to use the baffle plate and wanted to retain for strength.

here you can see the profile of standard 4A pan and 7A pan.

I estimate it'll at least hold a quart more oil. But i'll follow up with an install on this in the near future. But for now this is what it should look like.

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Anonymous said...

Any follow up info on this? I have a 7agze been using 7a oil pan. Since have got a MRP 5mm spacer designed to fit windage tray & 4a 20v oil pan. Was wondering if I should fit spacer, windage tray & retain 7a oil pan as it is larger capacity & should aid rigidity & cooling?