Friday, December 12, 2008

filler up

this week my truck actually got filled up and i got some change and bought some beef jerky. no, i didn't change how much i gave habib. gas prices dropped so much that it's under the $2.00 mark. am i happy yes, but as a society what have we learned? it doesn't look like much. we seem to have gone back to our wasteful ways. i've seen 2 kodiak trucks cruising the streets, probably going to sonic to impress the high school kids. people seem to be buying new trucks. the whining about high gas prices senator, barbera boxer isn't praising anyone for the cheap gas prices. and the morning traffic has gone from bad to horrible again.
but it seems the only way people will curb their habits is to bump up prices. i didn't mind paying extra, cause i normally cruise in the gas sipping corolla. and compared to the rest of the industrialized nations we still have cheap gas prices. anyways let's enjoy for now cause who knows what next year brings.
yeah i fill the ford up with the cheap. it's ford tough it'll consume anything.

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