Sunday, December 28, 2008

4AG Tip #86-4.5 oil pan continued.

prevously i dabbed into the use of the 7A oil pan into the for use into the 4AG. for 16v block owners you'll need to obtain the adapter plate from Ukia Shokai. The 20v guys are very fortunate and will have it much easier since the bolt pattern between 20v and 7A blocks are exactly the same. look for the previous post to see the pics. unfortunately it' s not a bolt on process if you plan to use the windage tray.

due to a reinforcement bar that goes across pan it hit. as pictured it will not sit flat onto the oil pan. you have the option of modifying the windage tray or the bar.

i milled the bar down and you should be able to fit the combo as shown. it's a nice tidy fit.

since it's gong on to my turbo setup, initially i thought this plug, right under the motor mount bracket would be used for the turbo drain. but i deemed it inadequate for use. and i found it would be too difficult to route the oil line for a smooth flow back into the oil pan. but for those who are manly enough actually use the factory gts oil cooler set up, you can bolt the factory fitting to this and retain the original factory oil cooler setup.

a different location for the oil drain was chosen and 3/4 NPT barbed fitting was used. it avoids the motor bracket and should be more than enough for oil drainage.

the 7A came with it's own baffle plate which it didn't come with my pan. it's probably lost in the back somewhere. it was a good chance to make my own.

home depot style using thin gauge steel cut up a piece that would be even better than the original.

i was in a bit of a rush to get things done so i didn't create a shroud that would have gone ground the oil pump pick up, this would have been an added measure in keeping oil near the oil pickup. i plan to do this at later time which will be an easy upgrade since it's a 2 piece pan.

well you may wonder how much oil it uses? well due to the large cooler and remote oil filterm on top of the oil pan, the combined total ~ 6 quarts of oil was attained, and more is definitely better. this should could keep the beast well lubricated and much cooler on any given track day. this setup has worked on my rear drive setup, but should be able to work front, rear and mid engine setups.

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