Monday, December 29, 2008

Project Volvo #2 In shorts and slippers.

The past few days was really strange weather at least for the southern california natives. From lots of rain to freezing cold temps. Today was just perfect, i'm definitely glad I don't live the on the east coast anymore. What better way to spend it, than with the Volvo. Yeah I always prefer to work on cars in shorts and slippers, to the dismay of my neighbor. After about a 2 days of finding and reading wire diagrams and running a bunch of tests. i've finally come to the conclusion...

That it finally runs. Took it out for a spin to see if there's any issues. There's a bunch of little things like annoying leaks, etc. But so far everything seems to be sound. Soon the wagon will be carrying and bunch of boost and laying the smack down to all who may oppose.

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aristo said...

Just curious, but what was the problem that kept the car from runnin?