Monday, May 5, 2008

My Old Pig Ain't Runnin'

Say that to a diehard Mopar fan and you may as well give me the keys to the car, cause you ain't coming back. Especially if you're in Van Nuys for the 22nd Annual Spring Fling. Even though i've owned my fair share of imports, I do have an appreciation with the american domestics, especially 60's and 70's muscle from Chrysler. From Cornets to 'Cudas, Superbees to Superbirds, they produced some of the sickest cars to ever roll from Detroit. With powerplants like the 426 Hemi and 440 Six Pack under the hood who can't love'em. Enough rambling let's take a tour.

The only rat rod I saw at the show.

AAR 'Cuda.
This is what Dodge should have based their current Charger. Not that four door passenger car.

70's Challenger looks similar to the new one. I've always favored the Challengers over the Cudas.

The swap meet itself was huge. From reproductions to rare odd pieces just about everything can be found here.

Dodge Dart Swinger, small lightweight car, just drop in a big motor and you have very good candidate for a killer drag car.

Never too young to be an enthusiast. While cruising for photos, the father was asking his son what year a vehicle was and the boy got it correct. Now that's a Mopar family.

Super Bee very simple, very cool.

The 60's were already strange enough, and Dodge offered these psychadelic tops. Known as Mod Tops they were optional vinyl tops for your Dodge/ Plymouth vehicle.

Charger Daytona Dodge's answer to Chevy and Ford during it's early racing days in NASCAR.

AMC Pacer in a sea Dodges. I don't have the slightest idea why they're here, i'll need to be schooled on this. I also came across a Javelin AMX.

Yes even there was even love for DUB crowd. Since that's not my taste here's the only pic I took. Lambo door, big wheel, and big sound. Go big or go home.

Touted as the biggest Mopar show west of the Mississippi. I assure you it was quite big. It's something for any car enthusiast or fans of Chrysler products must visit.

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Anonymous said...

i totally agree about the new charger. 4 doors are weak