Monday, May 19, 2008

Transmission Problems

T50 transmissions are weak links on Corollas producing lots of power. It's not uncommon for drivers and teams to carry a spare transmission. Since drifting, a Corolla, requires mucho clutch kicks for that gangster initiation and to maintain the drift. With that style of driving, it's just a matter of time before the transmission will give out. And as luck would have it, my transmission has been added to that statistic. Well it actually happened a while back when I competed in the Pro-am qualifier last year. Luckily I had a spare at home the car wasn't down for long.
I decided it was time to repair the transmission since it already had new parts, so I ordered parts from Herb at Cabe Toyota in Long Beach. Luckily, the parts are available the last few parts I needed were still available and I was able to repair the transmission to be a back up. According to Herb, these parts the last ones available in North America and he's not sure if there will be anymore made or sent over.

The counter shaft no. 3 gear teeth is completely sheared off.
This is where all the teeth ended up.

The transmission itself was previously rebuilt, so I didn't want to let it go to waste. So i bought some replacement parts at Cabe Toyota, go talk to Herb he's knows his stuff when it comes to Corollas.

After cleaning up the parts of all debris and metal shavings, everything was assembled, sealed, and ready to go. Yeah the case looks like crap, but it's what is on the inside that counts.

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