Sunday, May 18, 2008

Striking resemblance

With China coming out with cars that have a uncanny resemblance to some upscale manufacturers cars, i began thinking of early japanese cars that share some features with other manufacturers. I'm not saying they're going to be exact copies, but I just see some resemblance between the models. You may or may not agree but i'll let you be the judge .
Early Nissan Skyline and Dodge Coronet Superbee, not exactly the same but the headlight surrounds have some resemblance. Japan muscle of the day meet U.S. muscle.

Another model Nissan Skyline and Dodge Challenger R/T. The front doesn't have that much of a resemblance, but it's sunk in head lights are what I see. If the center was blacked out I would definitely consider it a little more resemblance.
1st generation Toyota Celica and 67 Ghia. The front ends on these 2 cars definitely have an uncanny resemblance.

I know there's more cars that share design characteristics, i'll post others as I come across them.

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