Saturday, May 3, 2008

Do you remember Toyota?

This past weekend was the 13th Annual Toyota Fest held at Veterans Stadium in sunny Long Beach. This year was different for me, rather than spectate this year, I decided to show off the beast this year. So the past few days i've been changing the car to be show worthy. Well at least presentable. No primer spots or broken bumper today.

Paint in progress
Added JDM Wise Square crystal tail lights. No it didn't come with a bowl of rice.
Cleaned up the wheels by Boyd. You make the slickest set of wheels for my Corolla.RIP
Unfortunately, I couldn't finish off my wiring to show hella dope electrical skills.

Enough of that and back to the show itself representing Toyotas new and old.

From youth market Scion

To the luxury driven Lexus.

A very rare Toyopet Crown.

2 roadsters were on display. One built by a privateer using pretty much all Toyota parts. The 2nd built by Toyota using what looks to be a V8 from their NASCAR program. Both are very well constructed and simply amazing. I could spend hours going over these vehicles.

Toyota displayed a few of their race cars.

This year they paid homage to the Corolla and the Landcruiser. Which have been Toyotas longest running models since the beginning of Toyota's quest for world automotive dominance.

Real deal RHD JZA70 and U.S. spec JZA80, well kept by Brian 'Good Lookin' U.

The reason why I didn't win was Andy sabotaged me. Damn you. But WTH is that orange AE92 doing in the AE86 section?

Old is good as long as you keep them clean like these 3 fine examples.

A never imported Soarer precursorto the Lexus SC300. This one is equipped with the anemic 1GGTE engine. Though last I saw, it was equipped with a slushbox. Now it sports a 5 speed transmission.

Vans need recognition too.

Each year the show is growing, from it's humble beginnings, at the Queen Mary parking lot, to the stadium parking lot in Long Beach. It's great to see the enthusiasm for Toyotas is growing. As these cars get older, rest assured there we'll be a Toyota nut who is willing to keep these rolling pieces of history alive for the next generation to appreciate.

For more pics click here.

I didn't take as many pics cause I split my time between this and the Spring Fling 22.

More on this soon

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