Monday, May 26, 2008

Specialist T #2

At the shop, there was this corolla race car that the owner acquired not too long ago. I've seen the car in pics online. It's hard to miss a spoon colored corolla. I never truly knew the history of the car itself. On Club4AG a driver by the name of Scott Webb had posted an in car video. On his avatar there was a pic (shown above) of the car itself which looked like to one at the shop. I showed him the shop car and he confirmed that was the one. He gave me a very brief history of the car, it was owned by Paul Goduti and was featured in the Toyota Performance Handbook published in 1990. It's the silver hatchback with the mesh wheels. So it's been a race car most of it's life. Truely, amazing the car has survived for this long. If only it can speak, and tell us of the many battles it has faced over the years.

It's been through a couple of owners since then, and now sits in hibernation waiting for the call to do battle once again.

Here's a video Scott duking it out in a Cal Club SCCA enduro race at Buttonwillow in 2000.

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