Monday, November 30, 2009

SKUSA SuperNats 13


Karting is considered one of the purest forms of motorsport. No wings, susupension, or team orders. Not too long ago I visited the SKUSA Super Nationals, held at the Rio Hotel and Casino parking lot in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is like the world series of karting, with 425 competitors from 25 countries. A bunch of talented drivers showing off their skills to hopefully one day step up into bigger and better things, even a couple of drivers from F1 and Indy showed up in their ranks.


Nelson Piquet Jr.


Michael Schumacher


Sebastian Buemi


With fields as large as 40 compeititors this made for some great racing in all classes. I haven't been this excited watching a race in a long time.


Even hachiroku invades karting.

If it wasn't for the F1 drivers attending this event, I probably wouldn't have attended thsi event. Definitely worth the money to watch alot of great racing. You'll probably see me here next year, hopefully driving ;) For more information on next years event click on their website.

Click here for more photos of the event.

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