Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Destruction like no other.

Since the shell I had was taking too much space and I wasn't really interested in building another corolla it was time to let go. Last you heard of the hero, it was on it's way on being a truck. Even though I had it up for sale on the boards for best offer, no ever bothered to offer. All i get is 'what else do i need to complete it' or 'will you part it out'. WTH?? It's a shell you could give me a six pack and take the whole thing i'll be content. Anyways after all said and done, i ended up with a car in pieces. A neighbor who's happy that he got a bunch of GTS parts to complete his SR5 conversion. Yup it had parts and it could have been yours for a 40oz.

It had a gigantic hole. The previous owner had dreams of some gigantic motor install. And just like most peoples projects, ends up being another dream. I could have fixed it, but no one I knew had a firewall laying around, and I didn't want to search the yard for one.

The front coming down first.

The white neighbor who loves destruction, taking a stab at it.

After about 5 sawz all blades, the end results. Sad to see. Maybe I should have made this the Lemons racer of 2010.

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