Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back to the roots..

Way back in the day, there were a few enthusiasts that liked Corollas and motorsports. With Moto's idea, Club4AG was born. Since then it has spawned the Corolla and drifting craze ten fold. Now it's 2009 in Primm, Nevada, right at the Nevada/ California stateline. Going back to it's roots of Corollas and motorsports, the dedicated people from Vegas drift, Drift Association, and AE86 Nights bring back the ideals that is Club4AG.

A 2 day event bringing the car show, autocrossing, and drift.

Day 1 was the autocross, which i'm sure everyone knows if gripping through sets of cones. Some may balk at the idea, but like everything else, it takes skill to do this sport. Anyways there's was tons of seat time. I decided to use street tires since I really didn't want to use up r compounds. The surface was slippery since there was fresh dust from the newly constructed course. I did a bunch of mornings and posted up high 38's. After that, I decided it was time for a beer break. Don't worry I didn't drive after that, I wanted to get the party on early.

Since the following week was SEMA some cars destined for Vegas decided to stop by and check out the event.

mmmm Turbo.

The celebrity of the weekend


Day 2 which I'm sure many were looking forward too, the drift and car show event.

The drift course was tricky. It was laid out with a 3rd gear entry if you have enough power accelerate. With a decreasing radius right turn so you'll need to scrub speed before then so you don't wash out. But too much loss of speed means not finishing the course. So drivers needed to find the balance.

The car show brought out some nice Corollas.



Props to the people who were able to bring out their rides out to the middle of nowhere. No queen mary or orange county lakes up in here.

At the awards ceremony I won 2 trophies.

I was very happy. Hey Naoki where you going??

And very wet.

The event went really well, but of course when you have a collaboration of Vegas drift, Drift Association, and AE86 Nights, you wouldn't expect anything less from their hard work. Kudos to them and the many others who helped support the event. And of course to the owners themselves who came out to party and show their spirit. This is what Club4ag is all about.

Next year: ?

As the event ended I think about what's next. Due to low turn out, it maybe the last Club4AG sanctioned event. I hope it isn't so, but for now the future is a blur if there will actually be another event.

Now for the rest of the pics click here.

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That's amazing, dood! Congrats on your victorious weekend!