Monday, November 3, 2008

Monkey Bars by Battle Version

Picked up the pile from Alex P. this weekend. Alex P. besides being a former Formula D judge and currenly back in the driver seat as a drift competitor, is also fabricator extrodinaire and owner of the Battle Version company. Since I had to have a legal cage installed, I pretty much already had great trust in him to get the cage done. As much as I already hate installing extra weight on the car, it's a requirement for racing. Does this mean I'm a racer now?

Here's a couple of photos of the cage.

Rather than try and save some cash and reuse use the previous roll bar setup from TechnoSquare, I went ahead and had him build a whole new hoop, using the old one as a template.

According to Alex, he hasn't seen anyone use this configuration of door bars. So he claims it to an original design and thus be his signature door bars. It will make entry and exit of the vehicle a less painful experience on the butt.

I also made time to drop in the engine and remove the HVAC system off the car. Sigh, as much as I hate removing it it's a necessity to drop the weight down, and i was just hella lazy to do it. Though it didn't feel like much weight was removed just alot of work to do it. With winter approaching, going to track days are going to be much colder.

Go visit Alex's site BattleVersion for more info on his parts or if you need a cool cage like mine.

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