Monday, November 17, 2008

Red Bull WDC 2008

Since my day was over, rather sulk the whole weekend. I indulged on the many things that was the Red Bull WDC. But before that, I lent some parts to Eric O' Sullivan driving the Rockstar AE86. He had an unfortunate running with a k rail and damaged some suspension bits. Since my car was down I gladly offered my car as the parts car.

Taka and Richard removing parts for the Rockstar AE86

O' Sullivan's strut on the left. Ouch
Team Ireland feverishly working on the car before qualify rounds.

The teams efforts and my parts were able to bring Team Ireland into the top 32. Unfortunately, they crashed and were not able to move on.

Since I was still in pain, i made my way to the Red Bull hospitality tent to make my self feel better.

And better I did feel.

That's until Cyrus showed up. Drunken bastard.

Overall it was an awesome event. The Driving was spectacular and the drinks were non stop. Red Bull sure knows how to throw an event. I didn't take too man photos of the hot chicks at the event. Hmm maybe i need to get my head checked, must have suffered a concussion,but enjoy.

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