Sunday, November 16, 2008

Aftermath, WTH

With the late nights and $$$ spent to get the car ready, what happened? Victorious I was not. From the beginning my mindset was in all the wrong places. Was it because I was tired or just plain negative. Nevertheless this clouded my judgement which resulted in a horrible injury to me and the vehicle. I sit here typing one handed due a broken left hand, the machine I have built from the ground up sits in ruin outside my window. Now I contemplate what's next for me. Do I rebuild, start all over, or just walk away. I'm not saying due to the crash I'm giving up racing. I just feel for the time an effort I ended with pain. But that's racing right? It's the money pit I love to give to for years, but as I get older, where do I stop. Money will probably be the biggest factor since I don't have much of it. I'll contemplate where I stand on this subject in the next few weeks and where I go on from here.
But seeing this everyday won't help my cause
Thanks to a few people for helping me out in no particular order:

Naoki K. and drift day staff for having awesome events

Ash N. for lending me some parts

Matt p. hope you didn't burn your hand on the hot manifold.

Taka A. pillaging parts off my car and helping me put it back together

Alex P. Super dope parts and awesome cage from a crazy mother f!$%%r
Steve C. He has breakfast before he will change tires b$%^h

Steve R. letting me use the dyno the night before the event.

Henry S. for providing such a kick ass tune which i only use 3 times.

The neighbors for letting me use the welder

Wesly H. lending me 2 extra wheels for the event and some safety tips

Formula D for providing a cool venue where I can crash.

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