Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's left..

After many late nights, i'm still not finished. I'm so tired right now that I can't really think straight. I decided to drop off the car at Long Beach instead of taking it back with me so i can work on it. Which I initially was planning to do. But my judgement was so clouded that I thought that I need a only a few things done. Now I regret my actions after I realize that there may be more that needs to be done. Oh well I'm pretty sure i can get it done we'll see. At least I passed tech with these items:

Battery kill switch activated with

a pull cable.

Tow hooks of the Home Depot variety

Made sometime to swap out the fuel pump swapped out the fuel pump to a 1JZ pump. For that extra bit of confidence

Added the cock crotch strap, my least favorite item.

Thanks to Steve @ SRMotorcars and Henry S. for helping me out with dyno time and tune. The day before the event.

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