Monday, November 24, 2008

what am i looking at

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the car sits, battle scars left untouched, its owner is working at half capacity. yeah i'm sitting here typing with one hand. anyways let's look at the mess i've created.

2 busted XXR wheels

this probably hit @ maybe 60-70mph. i'm guessing since i don't look at my speedo during runs. i know i was in 4th when i initiated so i'm guessing i slowed at that speed when i hit.

the other one was cracked by eric O sullivan i let him borrow it. it was a valiant effort by him and his team but now he owes me some fish and chips. i don't know how fast he was going. but surprisingly it's still holding air.

both fenders

1 wise square taillight i picked up while in japan. y'all probably thought i had the ebay special. silly kids.
i didn't even have them for a year (sigh)

the bending was regulated in front of the engine cross member. richard r. took a quick look at the chassis and assured it wasn't bad. nothing that a big tree and an f series can't take care of

fiberglass hood and bumper in emergency repair with richard r.

1 lower control arm

equipped with battle version heim joint kit.

1 outer tie rod end. this was actually bent at 90 deg. but it still looks horrible.

they served well for many battles and will be sorely missed.

one thing interesting is that nothing else was destroyed/ damaged, like the radiator and intercooler. the oil cooler was slightly bent, nothing that a hammer can't fix.

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Eric O Sullivan said...

Hi Alex, finally I found you !.Just wanted to thank you so much for your help at the Red Bull event, I wouldn't have got the car out for qualifying if it were not for your shock and hub !.

Unfortunately the car drove like crap since there were various other parts bent and I just couldn't get it round that first corner.Its a shame since I was confident I could get a good result before the incident with the Australian guy.

If I can send you some cash for new wheels please let me know, you got a paypal address ???.

Eric O Sullivan