Monday, October 27, 2008

Learning more about Project 740

It's been a tad busy lately, but I took some time to actually look the new project. But now let's take the grand tour of our Project 740.

Right now it doesn't start so a charge of the battery was in order. Let's make it a quicky.

During the battery charge stage let's look at our engine bay.

Unfortunately, I didn't do that great of a job cleaning the engine bay, it's still dirty. Looks like there's maybe quite a few leaks that'll be fun to hunt around the source.

Here's the mighty turbo, all bow down to the sacred snail.

Enough let's finally look what's inside the car.

It's very roomy inside. Almost cavernous from this view.

Beautiful black leather adorn these seats, they spared no expense here. You may see in the above picture. These are spiders webs that are all over the place. It might be time for a bug bomb.

Ahh yes, heated seats that's luxury. Never had a car with heated seats before.

Going back to the reason why this thing didn't start. Upon furthur investigation, I didnt' get a spark so it will come down to possibly bad sensor or maybe coil, let's pray that it's not an ecu. That will have to be checked out at another time.

I need some more time to complete the other project.

Check my flickr site for more photos of the brick.

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WT said...

A friend of mine with a turbo 740 also had seat heaters. He told me not to use them because the seats might catch on fire, so keep an eye on those things.