Monday, March 10, 2008

Vintage Racing

Since i've been busy with other things lately, and haven't been racing or drifting. I decided to watch a vintage race on Sunday. The Vintage Auto Racing Association (VARA) held their Route 66 Classic racing event at California Speedway over the weekend. I was able to catch part of Sunday's event. Even shot a couple of pictures while I was at it. Everyone there was really nice love to talk cars. Even though I can't say i'm not familiar with many of the cars, it was really nice to watch classic cars still stomping the track as they did many years ago. Maybe one day the Corolla will join these ranks.

I've always been a rotary fan espcially RX-3's. I'm not just a fan I also own one. This one was the only one in a field, battling with Porsche's and 240Z's. According to the owner he'd passed about 20 Porsche's on his way to a class victory.

This BMW also caught my eye. With it's aggressive aero, you know it means business. It ran the last race of the day, which was filled with many V8 domestics.

I'm not sure what kind of car this is, but I love the curves on this thing. This is something i'd like to just cruise around town.

Maybe with a better seat.

Citroen SM never heard of it. So I read about it here.

Track action:

BMW vs. Datsun
Datsun vs. BMW


Formula Fords

Domestic V8s

For more information on VARA's other events visit their website.

The rest of the pics are here.

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