Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lemons: The Beginning

I wasn't planning to put up pics of the team's first Lemons adventure, which occured July7,2007. But might as well share. From the first day our MR2 was acquired and the actual race weekend. Not much in between. A group of eager drivers not knowing what lies ahead of them. Only reading about the hooliganism that is the 24Hours of Lemons. So let's begin shall we.

Vehicle as delivered blown engine and all:
All body panels straight, doesn't look too bad.
The only really noticeable damage.

The engine was didn't crank, but the previous owner wasn't sure what's wrong with it besides seeing parts of the engine on the road once it croaked. Later examination of the engine revealed the engine had a rod punching a hole out the block. Yes the can of soda was included with the sale of the car.

Interior ain't too bad, but it's being gutted anyways so it didn't matter much.

Aftermarket glass sunroof, missing but not missed.

Don't have any pics of the build itself, or anything else until race weekend. The pictures are not in any particular order. In other words, I don't remember which day I took them.

Arrival in Northern California, we didn't have time to apply the decals until we took the car to the track. The car looks so clean from this photo, it will be the last time.

Car being prepped and decals applied.

Our team working like a well oiled machine.
Well sort of....

The breakfast of champions.

Team leader giving pep talk and discussing strategy.

Wesley at the helm in the morning, but he's not drifting. This was a pre race test where drivers must navigate through a slalom course in reverse and avoid hitting a cut out of Jar Jar Binks. Wesley brought home the gold with a first place time with seconds to spare. We were awarded 10 laps even before the start of the race.

Here's some of the damage that occurred over the course of the weekend. Every side of the car had damage. Rubbing is racing.

The people's curse receiving it's punishment by way of bobcat and sledgehammer.

A few of the cars at the 24 of Lemons:

Cadillac speedster FTW

Motoring J Style represent with an MR2

Representing the country Japan, 1st geneneration RX7

Team Holy Rollers

Random pics:

The Wheel of Destiny don't be an ass or you'll be sorry.

Cute camera girl.
Can't break the tire bead? Borrow a Super Duty.

Yes, it was hot that day.

Only the French

That was one hot and awesome weekend. One of the most fun/ ridiculous things i've done in a long time. I've got a bunch more pics on my Flickr site click here for more.

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