Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Madness

Easter a holiday that has been commercialized with a rainbow colored eggs and a bunny rabbit. For the some christian religion, it’s the celebrated day that Jesus rose again from the dead. But for us car guys, it’s an excuse to hit the track. Hours after I arrived from Arizona, for Nopi qualifier, I loaded up my gear and headed out to Horsethief Mile for some open track fun. I actually thought I wouldn't make it there I so tired. Eventually I made it safely, second only to the Megan team which also traveled to Horsethief after Arizona. What the hell is wrong with us.

Met alot of old faces I rarely see at the track anymore. So it was like a reunion. Lots changed since then.

Taka and Yoshie were rocking their competition cars, getting some practice time before the upcoming season, which is about to start April 12th @ Long Beach. Hiro was sporting his JZX 90 Chaser, which used to be really cool when he first got it, but now looks like crap. It was so ugly I couldn't post it up pics I was afraid the computer may crash.

Alex P. traitor traded his AE86 for a real 180SX. Matt with the white coupe in the background, which was formerly owned by Hiro with the ugly Chaser.

Andy Y. brought #2 the sparkling poop colored coupe for a romp around with us. Amazingly enough it was his first time there, but he drove like a pro.

Geoff drove Naoki’s old kouki coupe, which still retains the original paint. Still looks shiny after 20 years. Did I mention it has the original red paint?

Then there’s the newer peeps I’ve been going to the track with lately.

Steve in his silly green hatchback. He got frustrated with the RA-1’s and decided to man up and get some Hankook racing slicks for the next event. Damn that means I need to get some.

Mark and Noemi with the nawwzz fed corolla and the lemons mr2, yes it does stretch it's legs every now and then. And me parked right beside them. Were like neighbors and it sucks.

The Drift Association crew parking it like they were at a car show.

Random Volkswagen, I think one of the Drift Association staff. Sorry don't know who you are.

I didn't take many pictures due to fatigue so I missed some people like Charlie (just drift) and Naoki (drift association) and 3rd place Nopi Qualifer and license holder Cyrus M.
It was a really laid back event, wish there was more like these, and I enjoyed myself even though I was really tired.

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