Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Need to feed the Beast

Got that hot motor installed and ready to wreak havoc on the track? Need a place that can feed a vehicle with a sweet tooth for some high octane goodness? Here's some information for Southern California residents who fit this criteria:

Harman motive Southern California tuning shop specializing Nissan, Mitsu, Suby, Beemers and probably anything else you throw their way. Just make sure you got funds in the account, window shoppers need not apply.

Osbourne Automotive A regular mom and pop type of shop, similar to where I work at on weekends, that sells race gas. Too bad it's they don't do that at the shop I work. This list covers all the 76 Stations that carry 76 race gas in Southern California.

I can't say if these links are up to date, so call before you head out there to be sure that they are still in business and sell racing gas.

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