Sunday, March 30, 2008

Karting Anyone?

This past weekend, I got a chance to drive in the Jim Hall Karting School. If you don't know, Jim Hall Karting School was founded by Jim Hall Jr. who is a 2 time World Karting Champion. He is also the son of Jim Hall. I took the 1/2 day beginner course, since they don't know how reckless I drive, this is where all new students start off.
As luck would have it, I arrived filipino time, but didn't miss too much. The classroom instruction briefly went through some the basic flags and safety. Next thing was to familirize everyone with the karts brakes and gas pedal. Then it's off to the track. What I found strange is that we didn't have a track walk or even a parade lap to familiarize ourself with the track, they just let us loose. It was after our runs were complete the class walked the track with live demos at specific corners by experience instructors on how to correctly drive the line, which was really cool. Then it was back into the karts for specific drills on turn in, apex, and turn out. The last part of the class was driving the course for time. I able to squeeze out a 38.07, the instructors will turn out 35.xx so I still have much to work on.
Overall, it was a really good class for anyone who wants to get into karting and also just to gain more knowledge in driving. They had 2 other advanced classes which focused on critiquing driving and a couple of drills for braking and wheel to wheel karting, most excellent. I may try these other classes once I get more money.

I shot a couple pics of the other classes that were in session.

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