Monday, February 14, 2011

Drift Day prequel

Mark H. from Slide Squad

Before the drift days, there was Club4ag and Speetrial USA. Back then it was the diehard Corolla drivers from Club4AG making out to Speedtrial USA events. Back then it was all about Hondas, car shows and drag racing.  The little known technique of drifting was only known to the circuit racers and underground canyon runners. On cool day at Buttonwillow raceway in 2000 or was it 2001, north and south corolla drivers, with a few 240SX sprinkled in, met for drift action.  Back then none of the local track officials, nor the traditional grip drivers had no clue of what drifting was about or the firestorm that it was about to create in the industry.

I found some old photos of the event and scanned them in.

Me parked next to Alex P.'s red Corolla coupe and Mark H.'s of Slide Squad 240SX.  Once of my first set of JDM wheels, Advan A3A.  Yes they came orange I never changed them.

Hiro F. talking with Alex P. pre Battleversion coupe.  Though it looks more like he took a piss on Alex's car.  Alex's car was a very basic setup of stock LSD, and motor, with some cut eibach springs and blown shocks. No 20v, coilover or excuses. He still ripped up the track.

Slide Squad Dave S.'s Honda Civic hatch.  The only guy I knew that drifts a Honda Civic in America.  Probably the last one too.

Dave in action

Geno N. and his Subaru Impreza.  I used to work with this guy back in the days and also made numerous canyon runs chasing his suby.

Ken G. in his 240SX showing why he's going to be a pro in the future.

These are a few pics I found of that day, hopefully I can find the rest of them.

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