Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tinkering in body work

By no means do I consider myself a body person.  But like with anything I always like to tinker.  Lately i've been less and less entertained with doing wiring.  Just like i've been bored with doing the mechnical stuff, hence why I started doing electrical stuff.  Don't know why i'm just like that.  I started dabbling in body work again, never was a strong point with me.  I've tried many times and most of the time i end up with mediocre results.  I seem to get impatient with doing body work more than doing wiring.  Now i'm back at it again doing some fender work.  Why? Somebody just asked for it.

A while back I flared out my fenders to fit some wider tires.  They turned pretty good, at least I like them.  Now I'm back at it again with somebody else's fenders.

Why they want me to mod a perfectly good set of fenders i'll probably not understand.  But we are going from perfect to sexy.  To get there, some pounding of the fender is required.  Need to get lower edge of the fender in the same plane as the fender arch.

 Like so.

Rough up the surface to find the high spots and pound them flat.

 Once I get close to where I want, bondo fills in the rest.  To get them perfect would take a ridiculous amount of time for this new guy, wish I knew some one with an english wheel.  After a couple of rounds of bondo and sanding, yeah I have to do it a couple of time just to get it right, new guy remember.  Then some primer paint and were done.

Not bad, I like it.

I'm pondering the idea of doing the same with the rear just for kicks, but that area has a lot more metal to deal with, meaning lots more pounding compared to the front.  I'll sleep on that.
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