Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Since the motor felt a bit tired after ASB, and the spark plug in #1 cylinder didn't look too happy. A compression check revealed a little more about the health of the motor. 2 & 4 looked really healthy. Healthier than those supposedly low mileage used hi comp engines. 1 & 3 were a bit off from the rest of the bunch. So I guess it was time to yank the motor and see what's going on in there.

Now for the news, cylinder #1 suffered from detonation which in turn killed the spark plug and bending a ring land jamming the secondary ring thus losing sealing capabilities. Cylinder #3 also suffered from a bent ring land. I'm not sure if overheating of the car had something to with the detonation, since checking the last recorded peak pressure of my boost controller, it looks like it may have spiked to 24 psi. ouch. Though I don't know when it occured since i'm full throttle looking sideways and not directly at the boost gauge. The rest of the motor looks like it's in o.k. condition. I should hopefully have the car up and running soon.

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