Tuesday, July 6, 2010

All Star Bash 2010

Streets of Willow Springs, one of my favorite local tracks, a place when drifting was in it's infancy, it was frowned upon and black flags were thrown out like bras at a Tom Jones concert. Years later it's become main stream and now drifting is back at streets. I missed last year, but this year I definitely didn't want to miss.

Benson H. going out on track.

It was true bliss when I returned, kinda like returning to my roots of drifting. I felt like i was in a time warp, so many o.g. cats were in stopped by, though not all were drifting. Benson H., Charlie O., Alex P., Andy Y., Marc M., Sean L., Naoki K., Taka A., Antonio A., and Hiro S. if I forgotten sorry.

Some token Corollas

Back then it was all Corollas and the token 240's of Charlie and Benson. Now it's like bizarro world, where 240's are the majority and a few token corollas.

But no matter I was there to drive.

Do you remember the movie Mad Max. I wish I thought of that paint scheme.

Though I couldn't get my eyes off of this. 8 cylinders, 2 turbos, and 1 carburetor, in a 2000 lb. chassis. According to the owner it's about 400 hp.

Yeah this says it all.

Here's the rest of the pics

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Anonymous said...

That rat rod reminds me of a buddy's '86 XJ-S...he had a twin turbo SBC with a holley carb connected to twin T3 turbos. One turbo was from a saab and the other from a volvo so you would hear them spool at different speeds. We joked that it was J-spec (J for Junkyard). Weighed a lot more than 2k though.

Alex5 said...

that's a very odd setup. could it be a poor mans sequential turbo system?