Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Before ASB

Back before ASB was an idea. Many of us use to run SpeedTrial USA events. Being they were track enthusiasts they knew about drift and were really cool about it. Found some old fotos some of the old events.

Benson H. with his Sileighty. He's a family man now and has lots of resposibilities. So doesn't have much time for cars and stuff. Really cool to see him at the track so many years later.

Charlie O. with his old coupe. His license plate was DRFTHVN. When I first saw it, I was thinking Dr. Foot Heaven. Next to him is Taka A., in his Corolla,taking the inside line for the pass. I think Charlie had a KA24DE back then.

Moto M. and his very nice Corolla with a Levin front end. Now he's big pimpin the Lexus.

Before Cressida, Hiro S. used to rock the Corolla. Then he was kidnapped and brainwashed by aliens and realized drift cars needed to have 4 doors.

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