Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stopping by for a visit

Just Drift kingpin Charlie O. decides to crash on my weekend cause he likes breaking his Nissan. Traveling an hour just to see the master (me) for a fix. Or I was the only sucker who was willing to help him that weekend. He was in a bit of pickle since he had some sort of demo to do the following day.
Thinking it was a straight transmission swap, I was cool with it. And since it's been quite sometime since we chatted it was good to see him again. But then again I think the master was turned the fool since the transmission he got was for KA and he's rocking SR. So an extra step of swapping the bellhousing was in order.

But in the end the transmission install wasn't going as planned and totally kicked my ass. I felt more like a noob by the end of the day. And the body will aching by the next day. I'm getting too old for this 5h!7.

Yet the next day another cat I haven't chatted with in a while decides to call the master for a fix.

Do you remember these vehicles. If you don't it's o.k. Anyways this is good friend Andrew L. Typical hardworking chinese guy who claims he don't have money, he just stuffs it under the mattress. But he isn't like some who likes to front with their baller BMW and Mercedes trying hard to look like somebody. He still owns AE86 in fact he owns two of them.

Unfortunately one of them broke a timing belt. Take note, this is what happens when stretching the almighty dollar goes wrong. Luckily owners 4AGE are immune to interference engines. No bent valves or busted up pistons to worry about. Thanks Mr. Toyoda for looking out.

After about an hour, it used to take me 1/2, it was all fixed. Anyways here's a bit of drift history lesson here. Does anyone know the history of the red car on the left? Answer: The car used to be owned by Geoff W. (thedingo8mybaby). He won one of the early drift day comps against cars that had 2-3 times the power, the typical 240sx with SR power. It was a complete stock engine with probably 108 hp, if the conditions were right. It had a well sorted suspension and drivetrain, and a talented driver behind the wheel. Remember power is nothing without control.

I hope you're weekend was more relaxed than mine.

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