Monday, May 3, 2010

Autocrossing Hollywood Park

Roughly around the mid to late 90's I tried my hand at driving around the cones. I've heard of autocrossing and visited 1 event a while back but never participated. After enjoying my drag racing phase, I decided going in a straight line wasn't much fun. Unless you have enough dinero to go make your car go into single digits. And since I was working at shop that built lots of Toyotas, and was surrounded by these guys who were in to autocrossing. That time there were quite a few Toyota enthusiasts in the auto x scene.

Moto M. in his super charged coupe.

Alan with his TE27.

Jay S. and his very clean MR2. He still owns this thing.

Me in my RX3 ripping up the course. Really sucked my first time out. But I had a great time.

Satan in da house.

Sunbeam Tigers prowling for some cones.

It's hard to believe all this was over 10 years ago. I began scanning quite a few photos from back then so i'll be putting up a couple more in the not too distant future.

Here's the link to more of the old pics.

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