Friday, May 7, 2010

Glass it

Tried my hand at laying down some fiberglass. Since I like to break all things fiberglass I may as well learn how to fix.

Picked up some materials at Home Depot since it was close by.

Used a piece of glass as a mold. Since I just wanted to make a sheet of the stuff to see how it works.

My results were a bit mixed.

1st try the fiberglass was stuck to the mold (a flat piece of glass). Had a helluva time removing it. If you notice I broke it while removing it.

So after a little more research I found cooking spray works great as a mold release agent.

2nd time around part came off the mold really easy. Except it was rough and had air bubbles. This was due to the cooking spray beading on the glass. Unfortunately it's really hard to see in the pictures.

Going with the cooking spray again, I this time around I sprayed it on and wiped it down like a wax so there was a nice thing coat on the glass.

3rd time is the charm. Came off really easy and and smooth as glass, no air bubbles.

The experience ended up really easy. Now that I have an idea of how this stuff works I can start making knock offs of knock offs. Not really, but now I can try my hand at making splitters and panels for gauges and other stuff to suit my needs. Maybe in carbon fiber since the process is probably not much different from the fiberglass.

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