Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Broken are never fun. There are times that you get them out with a single tool. Other times you'll need a bunch of tools to get them out. The final alternative is to take it over to your local machine shop.

Unfortunately, with all the knowledge and countless tools, it's the last stud that was a pain to remove and fix.

The tap broke inside the hole. Since this is hardened steel, it doesn't drill out very easily. I had to use a Dremel with carbide bits to slowly grind away until I could yank out the pieces.

But mission accomplished.

1 Snap-on drill bit
1 M8x1.25 tap
1 Snap-on carbide bit
3 hours of sweat and cursing.

What annoys me most is the Snap on crap. Alot of money gone in a split second.

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