Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Philippine Independence

Well it was actually last week, June 12. For many pinoys and pinays this is an important part of filipino history. That's if you can actually remember it. I had completely forgot about this even though I went to the motherland in '98 to celebrate the 100 anniversary. But a few locals still remember and what better way to celebrate than to shoot some guns.

So I attended a private range sponsored by a filipino practical shooting group. What is practical shooting? In a car guy perspective, it's like autocross. But instead you shoot at targets moving from point to point, instead of trying to avoid the targets aka cones.

Here's an example

Kinda of like Hogan's alley if you still remember the first Nintendo.

The object was to shoot at the brown targets. Sounds a racist if you ask me.

Definitely was alot of fun participating in this unique sport. i'll have to look into it more next time.

But I think the real independence should have began in July '46 when the white man left.

For a few more pics and vids swing by here.

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