Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eccentric tool

If you've ever browsed through tool catalogs like Snap-On etc. You'll always notice the odd ball wrenches they offer. If it weren't for some of the descriptions you'd never figure out what they were used for. Way back when I first started wrenching I would always love dropping in on the Snap On tool truck. Though I never got much, cause I didn't have much money to drop on a tool set. But like a kid in a candy store I'd just look to see what they have. They every now and then there would be odd ball things i'd like to get. For some reason I just notice these half moon wrenches and decided to get them. Not a whole set just what I thought I needed.

Everyone at the shop was like WTF, why did you get those. My answer 'One day i'll need them'. Over 10 years later I found a good way to use them.

My turbo setup, even though I tried to make it as easy as possible for removal and installation. It's still tight in certain areas.

As you can see one of the bolts on the turbo exhaust outlet is in a difficult area. Usually I'd have to remove the valve cover just to get the angle I need to remove the bolt. I could also used a stubby wrench, but usually this requires a lot of torque. Remember let's work smarter not harder.

Now with the half moon wrench that step is eliminated.

Finally this tool is paid for!

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