Monday, June 1, 2009

Out of my way

Foodies always have their favorite restaurants. For me, I have my favorite hole in the wall shops. Saturday, I was able to visit both of them. A machine shop in downtown in L.A., and a smog station in Covina. Both are out of my way, but i've entrusted my business to them.

The machine shop, i've been going there for a number of years and had them machine many engines from built 3SGTE to 5AGE. I've always liked their work, compared to other places. I always get recommendations on shops to go to because they work on 'race engines'. Sometimes I think those types of shops work aren't up to snuff unless you're someone who's got a big budget and others look similar to everyone else.

My reg is up soon it was time to visit the smog shop. I known him for a few years when I used to work at a shop that was down the street. He's legit so don't roll by with your cammed and itb'd engines.

Took the stock daily for it's bi-annual test. Yes it did pass with flying colors.

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