Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Next step

Since I didn't blow up at the Drift Social event.

It's time to set my sights at the next event.

Megan Invitational, i guess SexxxySlide felt sorry for me at Pro Am and decided invite to drive at this event. Or maybe he doesn't like me NOS also has walls.

Time for some basic maintenance on the car cause there's always something that needs to be attended to.

Lost a nut to the alternator, but it's a good thing cause the bolt is much more difficult to come by than the nut.

At first I thought the fitting for my oil cooler was loose, so I retightened it. But it's not the case. It's a very rare case of bad seal. Confirming with Ash, who used to work at Baker Precision, the seal between the swivel and the female end has decided to let go so I must purchase another one. He said I can't rebuild it. But the pinoy will find a way.

Still need an air filter

I found semi old twin power I had misplaced. Didn't get time to install it at the last event.

Had some time to pop the dent out of the car. Not great, but it was hard to get to with all the extra sheetmetal in the way.

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