Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hoshino Appreciation

When I think of Hoshino, I usually think of the super sexy Aki Hoshino. But in the automotive world only the Hoshino Impul G5 racing wheel is what stands out in my mind. Let's take a look at this unique wheel. For me that wheel defined 80's Japanese automotive design, with it's angular lines and wedge shapes.

It just fits all the cars of that era, like this early 80's Toyota Supra. Even though it they were made with Nissan in mind, I can't help myself but rock them on the ol' Corolla. People will call you retarded or stupid, or just say its blasphemy. Then again building a show car to look like a race is just as bad.

The wheel has been long discontinued and is now a rare wheel sought out by many enthusiasts, especially in the crazy offsets. Like this pair on ad in Club4AG 14x8.5 -15 you probably want to poop in your pants right now don't you.

Here's the Corolla rocking Hoshino back in 2002 Speedtrial open track day at Streets of Willow. Back when they allowed drifting.

Corolla with Hoshino in 2006. PASS 4AG Challenge at Big Willow. Keeping true to the game i still race this wheel.

Gosh I love these wheels. Probably one of my all time favorite pics with the ridiculous offset Hoshino. Just don't really care about the car itself. An 80's Nissan Silvia/Gazelle (200SX for u.s. markets) Super Silhouette race car.

But before we go let's take one last look of Hoshino. Aki Hoshino.

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