Tuesday, January 20, 2009

AE82 in for check up.

The AE82 I posted up awhile back has finally returned. But just for check up and some minor maintenance. I tell this car was big headache. From looking for my spring compressors, to suspension fiasco. Just wasn't going smoothly this weekend.

The clutch master was leaking though it still operated correctly. Owner had to keep adding fluid. A quick check revealed a leak on the rear of the housing.

So a new one was quickly ordered up...

and installed very straight forward, unlike AE86. Removal of brake booster is required for install. booo...

The shocks on the other hand provide another headache I wasn't expecting. But before we start let's take a look at the shocks first just to provide some insight.

L-R SW20, AE82, SW20?,AE92

Unfortuantely, the maintenance history of the car is hella sketchy so I myself wasn't sure what was what.The KYB shock for this AE82 did not fit. The shock that was installed was from a SW20, aka 2nd generation MR2. So he had to hunt for the MR2 front so he can get the car back on the road. When the shock arrived good friend Herb swings by to drop off spring compressors (he had them for 6 months, thanks dood) and actually has AE92 strut inserts he wasn't using and was giving to me. Ends up the inserts that Brian supplies and Herb's shock are the same size. Confused yet, I am. So now I think the shock Brian provided is an AE92 and not the SW20, and the housing that's in this car is an AE92. WTH?? Anyways everything is finally good with the car back on all fours.

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