Monday, February 11, 2008

Track Day

You think you're fast cause you gone to the "touge" and mash it around freeway on ramps, but are you really. Some people aren't really that fast cause in the back other minds their brain tells them to back off a tad cause they see a canyon wall, k rail, curb, etc. Never using the whole road, thus taking the wrong line, or braking early.
I always wonder why some people make excuses for not going to the track. It's basically an open playground for us to have fun. There's an open runoff area, so if you go off line you won't hit anything. Go full throttle without annoying the local law enforcement. And not endangering other drivers, which everyone should take notice of this. Sure it costs money, but if you get into an accident or maybe even hurt someone, will that money you save be worth it?
If you're still not convinced or just making excuses like "My car isn't ready" cause you're afraid of making a fool of yourself, I found a driving instructor Colin Lucas has made a couple of instructional videos of Southern California tracks. I actually watched his Willow Springs video to prepare for the 4AG Challenge, since I only was there once. And I wanted every advantage I can get.
Let's not make excuses and go have some safe fun. Most people at the track are really helpful and can answer any questions you may possibly have. You may even see me there, but don't ask me questions cause I probably will steer you the wrong direction.

Steets of Willow (My personal favorite)

California Speedway, the road course w/part of the oval. Never been to the oval part, only drove the road course section.

Willow Springs International Raceway "Big Track" Only been here twice. I consider it more of a horsepower/ speed freak track. But it's easy to learn and drive.

Buttonwillow Raceway. I hate the straights, but everything else is great.

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