Monday, February 18, 2008

Fixing the Ring and Pinion

The upcoming Greddy Festival, has forced me to fix my car. The last time I drove it was at the 4AG Time Attack. Which I DNF'd, when I broke the ring and pinion. I was planning to fix if for a drift event when I returned from Tokyo Auto Salon, but as luck would have it, my truck got into an accident. It was down for a few weeks so there was no point in fixing diff anytime soon. With the event coming up in less than a week I need to get the ring and pinion replaced.

Before the build, I picked up a TRD solid sleeve w/shims from PASS Racing. Since the stock crush sleeves are on the weak side it's a good investment. Another good thing is that they are reusable, hopefully I won't have to use that option. I replaced the gear set with a spare used set(NOTE: If you own a Corolla, and you actually take if out to driving events, you'll need lots of spare parts), which bought from a Club4AG member a while back knowing I'll be replacing the ring and pinion. He claims it made no noise before he changed it for a different ratio. And me being the cheap bastard couldn't resist the price.

I tore down the diff and here's what remains:

Everything went in well so I'm not going to bore with the details of the install. The import mags have that covered.

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