Monday, January 14, 2008

4AG Challenge

Yeah, yeah, it's already old. But I decided to post a couple pics of the event.

Event: 4AG Challenge
Date: December 9, 2007
Location: Willow Springs International Raceway aka. Big Willow
Mission: Search and Destroy all competition

It's been a long time coming, but it is finally time again for 4AG powered vehicles to do battle with the clock to see who's fastest, or at least who has the fastest car. The last time attack I participated in was when Eric @ Rhys Millen Racing organized the event. This time PASS racing was gracious enough or maybe crazy to hold this event for us Corolla/4AG enthusiast at Willow Springs race track.
I had my doubts when I signed up for this event. The track itself, I feel is catered more towards big horsepower vehicles. If you know 4AG power, it ain't much, and it cost alot of money to put a little more power. But when people start calling you a pansy, that's when the gloves come off. But I was just being ignorant since I only ran it when testing the LeMons car during a Redline track event. Yes, I was bored and annoyed at all the faster cars lapping me. But the MR2 was very much stock, just a gutted interior and roll bar. It was alot of fun to drive, can't get enough of that body roll.
Since my car is highly modified, I decided to see what it can do on the track. I didn't make any changes to my setup, since I'm already happy with how it's handling. I'm trying out a new set of V710 R compound tires from Kumho. They are one step to full on race slicks and I was really excited to use them. The whole day I was running really well with no major problems, good times. I was passing people left and right in my group. 2 cars, R33 Skyline GTR and an Audi don't know what model, who were faster in the straights, but too slow around the turns let me pass. I left them as I carved through the corners, oohh yeah.
Ivan in his Evolution gave me a run and slowly pulled away from me. I couldn't catch up, boo. But his car ain't stock, so that makes me feel better, LOL. He was in our group cause he was able to finish his AW11 MR2 in time for the event. I think they should have gave him size 13 boot.
The 3rd and last session before the time trial, I thought to myself I was going to take it easy. But my sorry was greedy and wanted to show people the power of turbo. While chasing a Porsche Turbo and Ford Mustang, I was setting up for a pass from those 2 guys. Unfortunately, I the Porsche driver was a puss and slowed down while I was on full throttle. So I had to slow down and down shift in order to maintain the engine in the optimum power band. That's when the ring and pinion broke, while flying down the back of big willow. I pulled over into the dirt so that I won't drop oil on to the track cause at first I had no clue of what happened. I slowly nursed the car back to pits. Pissed that I won't be able to participate in the time trial. I was running 1:40s all day, so I'm guessing that my times would be around 1:37 if I was able to run the time trial.
At the awards ceremony, they held a raffle and I won a little pocket bike. I guess it's a nice consolation prize for breaking. Too bad they didn't raffle off a ring and pinion.
The event was alot of fun, kudos to PASS racing for organizing such an awesome event. I'd definitely do another event.

Since I didn't participate at the timed runs I was able to take a couple of photos of the event. Click here.

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