Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lemons v2.0

Since the next 24 Hours of LeMons is a few months away, I've been contemplating of trying a new chassis. Sure the MR2 is invincible and it just won't die, I think it's about time to try and race a different chassis. My first choice would have been rwd like an Nissan s-chassis. They are becoming more abundant since lots of rookie drifters love to smack'em into walls. But I get a tip from good friend Wesley that a shop has stripped and caged late 90's Honda Civic HB available. FF car that's different, I never really road raced an FF before, so why not check it out.

When he said stripped, it was stripped. No suspension, no interior, etc.

I think it was a drag car.

It' just a storage shed now.

And an nursery a tree is starting to take root into the chassis.

Wes really likes this car.

But next to the car was this late 90's Honda Civic 4 door, which apprently is for sale due to a collision.

Doesn't look too bad.

EWWW. But it doesn't look like it'll affect anything.

Fit and finish it just a tad off.

Wes suggested that picking up both and transferring everything from the 4 door into the hatchback, since they are similar chassis. It's going to be a lot work, but it's do able. I'm always up for a challenge, but i'm not so sure about other members of the team. But just then I just thought why not just pick up the 4 door and cage it. It's already running, probably just needs to be looked over to make sure everything is sound. Remember kids it's a Honda. So in a few days we'll probably decided what will be the next turn on the road to Lemons.

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