Sunday, February 24, 2008

Greddy Festival

The Greddy festival held at the former Marine air field El Toro, combined import motorsports and carshow into one venue. I think it's a first for an import performance manufacturer to throw an event for the enthusiasts that have supported them through the years. Along with the show and the racing, there was also a garage sale so all the low ballers can get their fix on getting the real deal instead of the fake ebay junk. I signed up to drive the in drifting portion of the event. $80.00 wasn't a bad price to drive all day. There was even goody bag for the participants. A set of driving gloves, to add to the collection. A copy of Sport Compact Car magazine with a DVD about GTR's something. And a big calender for the garage. Not bad for $80.00?

On my way to the event, I kinda thought it was going to be like a regular Drift Day. Roll in unload, get teched and were ready to rock and roll. But once I arrived, the line to get in was long. I arrived 7:15a.m. and didn't get past the gate till about 8a.m. I'm like wow this is going to be a larger than what I previously thought.

The event was running late so driver's didn't get on track till about 10a.m. There was only one track for the drift group, which consisted of 40 drivers. They were split into two groups. Each group was to alternate each hour. The course itself was set up for third gear action. Seat time was on the low side during the course of the event. I still had same pair of tires I started with in the morning, and had some tread left over. I normally can go through 4-6 tires in a day. Gosh I hate El Toro's surface. Let's bring back Irwindale east lot.

Drift Association Jack demonstrating his back hand pimp slap to get his point across.

The entry gate for the first turn is way out there I can barely see it.

During the hour breaks between each session, I took a couple of pics of the event. Both at the show and at the drift area. No autox pics, I got tired after that.

The Bay area boys represent. Keepin' it real with the pink wheels.

Falken Tire booth, they didn't have a sale on tires.

A small portion of what Greddy had on sale under their tent. Too bad no parts for Corolla.

This AE86 Corolla looked pretty only from a distance, but I just love the wheels on this car it fits perfectly with the fenders. Word has it that the car wasn't using wheel spacers. Wish I got more pics of this one.

Early 80's Celica GTS, the last RWD body style before they went to FWD in 1986. I first thought this car was a convertible from a distance. But it was a simple two tone paint job.

Interesting interior, wood steering wheel for the classic look and a big shift knob keeping current with the latest trends.

I do appreciate Greddy for putting this event together. But with the different weather changes over the course of the day and the low amount of seat time and no parts for my Corolla, I can't say the event was a winner. Hopefully if they decide to throw another event, they'll sign up less drivers and maybe hold a small competition for both the Autox's and drifters. Maybe even add their suspension and exhaust system in the garage sale.

More pics of event click here.

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